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Grizzly_Granny will tell you, among other things, how to build a bingo bankroll and how to make it grow. You can also read about the biggest bingo jackpots online today.

Grizzly_Granny builds a bingo bankroll

I have colored my hair blue, bought 60 cigarettes and put the bottom of two bottles on a frame for optimal eyesight. The TV is playing reruns of “The Golden Girls”. I am ready to gamble, bingo style.

Bingo Bankroll Management

My grandson is a poker player and he keeps nagging about his grandma (in this case personified by an old lady action junkie, me) having a suicidal bankroll strategy. Luckily I am getting familiar with this place on the Internet they call Google. It reminds me of a fortune teller I used to call back in the days, but Google is much more accurate and a whole lot cheaper.

What Bingo room has the biggest bingo Jackpot?

The number of jackpots and the different jackpot amounts in the online bingo world is crazier than the average American president. These bingo jackpots add another dimension to the game, and even my poker playing grandson was impressed when I presented him with the list. Take a look below and see if you feel the same way.

Avoiding bingo tilt – Don’t be a tosser!

You have lost a few games in a row and the night brings only unluckiness, so it seems. Suddenly you’re holding four bingo cards – all of them only one number away from that massive jackpot.

Responsible bingo gaming

There is no limit as to how many notes you can feed into the many slot machines standing around in pubs and shopping centers around the country with their luring lights and colors. Online there are many options and features to help you keep your gaming responsible.

Online bingo odds – Is it fair?

Unfairness is one of few things that put me on tilt. So is online bingo fair? The answer is yes. It’s a deal, it’s a steal, it’s the bargain of a century. Jokes aside, online bingo is as fair as e.g. poker, which my grandson assures me, is one of the fairest types of gaming.

Bingo before, now and in the future

When asked to describe the average bingo player, most people would describe a prototype like me: Old with blue hair and thick glasses, never far away from the rolling tobacco.

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