Avoiding bingo tilt – Don’t be a tosser!

You have lost a few games in a row and the night brings only unluckiness, so it seems. Suddenly you’re holding four bingo cards – all of them only one number away from that massive jackpot.

You wait and you wait. Suddenly some sad sucker hits three out of three and claims “your” jackpot. You triple click on the first game available and buy the maximum amount of tickets at the highest stake. Take a breath my friend, and think twice, you are on bingo tilt:

A term for a state of mental frustration in which a player plays a suboptimal game.

There are four keywords for avoiding bingo tilt: Discipline, discipline, discipline and patience. If you lose a game and it upsets you, it is a much better idea to down the stake than to up it. And if you believe that since you lost the last game, it is your “turn now”, you are a victim of what Wikipedia calls the Gambler’s fallacy:

“The belief that if deviations from expected behavior are observed in repeated independent trials of some random process then these deviations are likely to be evened out by opposite deviations in the future. For example, if a fair coin is tossed repeatedly and tails comes up a larger number of times than is expected, a gambler may incorrectly believe that this means that heads is more likely in future tosses”.

So, my dear friend, don’t be a tosser!

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