Bingo Bankroll Management

My grandson is a poker player and he keeps nagging about his grandma (in this case personified by an old lady action junkie, me) having a suicidal bankroll strategy. Luckily I am getting familiar with this place on the Internet they call Google. It reminds me of a fortune teller I used to call back in the days, but Google is much more accurate and a whole lot cheaper.

I just type in a question and it reads my mind, giving me multiple blue lines of texts to click, under which I usually find what I want to know.

Dear Google, what is good bingo bankroll management?

For once, Google lets me down and all the results are about bankroll management for poker, even if I asked specifically for bingo bankroll management. Damn it. I actually got a much smarter reply from iGod.

Me: What is good bingo bankroll management?

IGod: The opposite of bad bingo bankroll management.

I also stumbled across an online Magic Eight Ball, but the predictions weren’t very good.

Me: Will I win while playing bingo

Magic Eight ball: Outlook not so good.

Artificial Ignorance from the Magic Eight Ball, in other words. However, after reading about good bankroll management in poker, I came to the conclusion that iGod had the best answer. You can’t really practice exceptionally smart bankroll management in bingo, at the end of the day it mostly comes down to luck, but you can avoid the other end of the scale which is poor bankroll management.

As I mentioned in one of my other articles called “Bingo strategy”, the key is to limit the number of purchased tickets. Also, you have to limit the stakes so that you can afford more games. That way you have many more chances to hit that jackpot that makes you dribble in between the denture. Bottom line: Don’t spend it all at once, and don’t buy “all” the tickets.


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