Bingo before, now and in the future

When asked to describe the average bingo player, most people would describe a prototype like me: Old with blue hair and thick glasses, never far away from the rolling tobacco.

I ask myself: Has bingo changed with the Internet revolution? Is everyone playing bingo these days? And what will happen in the future of bingo?

According to an article I read on, bingo started out as a mistake. Origins of the game can be traced back to someone in the 1530s to a lottery in Spain. This eventually migrated to North America in 1929 but was known as “Beano” and it was thanks to a slip-up by one man, who mistakenly called “Bingo” instead of “Beano”. 10 Sterling says the bozo is originally from Sweden, he he.

Bingo was usually played in Churches and community events, and one of the earliest known online bingo sites was “Bingo Zone” – with play money only back in 1996. 

Now it seems like people are playing bingo everywhere, but the biggest growth is without a doubt happening online. The Telegraph reported that more than 500,000 people was playing online bingo back in August 2008, and based on the fact that the 230+ bingo rooms in the UK spent more than ten million dollars on television advertising last year, everything indicates that the numbers will grow.

In ten years, maybe we can play bingo between planets and scam the aliens like there is no tomorrow. I don’t know. What I do know is that the myth about old prunes like me being the only people playing bingo, is a misconception. According to Wikipedia, 90% of the online bingo players are below the age of 50, while 85% of online players are women.

So, to all you fortune seeking youngsters out there: Consider yourselves warned. Grizzly_Granny is coming to take your money and she ain’t slowing down before the piggy bank is capped with the big bucks.

Grizzly_Granny loves Binary options!

What are binary options? Binary options are a type of options which provide the customer a fixed deadline with a fixed payout. There are only two possible outcomes, it is actually yes or no bet. In the past few years, trading with binary options became very popular among many investors, but also between the people who want to invest their money on a financial market. It is a great way for the traders beginners to explore a global market. You can easily trade with binary options, it depends whether you place the bet on a certain price beneath the strike price (“put” option) or above the strike price (“call” option).

It all depends on a prediction of a movement of a certain asset. With binary options, you can trade on many different markets. Also, there are several opportunities to trade with indices, currencies, stocks and commodities. It gives the trader a wide range of possible investments. For example, you place a bet that the value of stock or indice will be lower by the end of the week. When the market closes that week, you will know if your prediction was correct or it wasn’t. If it was, you won and if it wasn’t, you lost. Easy like that.

In order to start trading online, first you have to create an account with the binary option broker by your choice. We recommend you to be carefully with choosing a reliable broker for binary options. Safety should be the main goal for the trader. Importance of an experienced broker is to guide a trader into online trading with the most possible flexible expiry dates and also providing an easy way to use platform with high percent of returns and bonuses.

It takes time to understand the market and gain experience and it might take some time before you start making profits with binary options. You can become experienced trader with time, knowledge and strategy understanding. Therefore, you have to gain confidence in order to make a profit on binary options. The easiest way to do that is to place a bet on a market you understand or you find it interested to trade. Depending on which broker you choose, average money return is between 70 and 90% (also depends on the invested depozit). Binary options offer a wide range of possibilities for traders to choose the broker with the preferred specifications (broker’s fee, minimal deposit, return percentage…). For beginners in trading with binary options, we recommend you to start with smaller bets and also, not to put “all the money in one basket”. After gaining certain experience, you can apply more risk management strategy in order to maximize your money return.

The main reason why people are interested in trading with binary options is because its simplicity. It does not require any specific financial knowledge. Trading with binary options differs from other types of trading in a possibility which provides its traders a weekly, daily and hourly expirations. In that way, trader can choose which option suits him the best.

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