Grizzly_Granny builds a bingo bankroll

I have colored my hair blue, bought 60 cigarettes and put the bottom of two bottles on a frame for optimal eyesight. The TV is playing reruns of “The Golden Girls”. I am ready to gamble, bingo style.

My bingo is usually enjoyed down at the local pub, accompanied with some Cherry Brandy and a Sunday Roast. But lately I have realized that all the advantages of playing bingo online make it too tempting to resist.

  • You don’t have to listen to old farts with vocal cord strengtheners constantly yelling BINGO! When they are not sucking the life out of a cigarette.
  • You can stay in the comfort of your armchair, and it is more exciting than knitting.
  • The online bingo rooms keep throwing all kinds of bingo bonuses your way.
  • The jackpots are pleasantly huge.
  • You don’t have to withdraw any cash, so no need to worry about cheeky robbers on your way back home when your purse is filled with winnings.
  • At the local bingo there is usually only one choice of bingo. Online, you will find a massive variety of both games and stakes, and there is always a game starting within the minute.

My grandson bought me a wireless mouse for Christmas and apparently there is Internet in the air here, because I can surf without any annoying cords whatsoever. The only concern I have is the increasing size of my Brandy belly because of too much time in the armchair, but I’ll make sure to stick with coffee and cancer sticks, and to avoid intravenous béarnaise sauce injections.

To the bingo rooms!

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