Bingo games, rules and strategies

How do you play bingo online? Are some strategies better than others? Can these strategies improve your chances of winning? Find all the answers here.

The rules of the game

I spent less time learning how to play online bingo than learning how to put my denture in a glass of water. The bingo rules online are pretty much the same as the ones at the local pub or the local church, although they might have changed the rules down at the local chapter for all I know. There are however three convenient differences when it comes to how the game is played, which I will get back to in my next entry.

Online bingo – in the comfort zone

One convenient difference between live bingo and online bingo is that you can choose to have your numbers marked off automatically thanks to a smart feature. Let’s call it the automatic number enrollment feature. The automatic number enrollment feature comes in handy more than once during a bingo session, e.g. when I want to light a cigarette or poor another glass of cherry brandy.

Bingo strategy – Don’t buy all the tickets!

When I play bingo online, I can also tell jokes and brag about my weekend escapades without having to listen to any bingo competitors whispering sssh! all the time.

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