Bingo strategy – Don’t buy all the tickets!

When I play bingo online, I can also tell jokes and brag about my weekend escapades without having to listen to any bingo competitors whispering sssh! all the time.

Speaking of weekend escapades, my grandson gave me a useful strategy tip when he came over for Danish pastry on Saturday. He was watching while I played bingo and noticed I was buying many tickets in each round

“When I’m out hunting for birds at the club, I don’t necessarily score if I ask all the birds to come home with me to inspect my stamp collection”, he said.

The fact that my grandson owns a stamp collection is news to me, but he might have some valid points in this strangely illustrated strategy talk of his. Buying all the tickets does not make you a winner. In fact it does quite the opposite, because buying many tickets is expensive, and it decreases my chance of making a profit in the long run. To build a bingo bankroll you need a solid bingo strategy, and knowing how many tickets to buy is the key factor.

I managed to stumble across a site called and it had the following tip for bingo strategy:

“The more tickets you buy the greater is your chance of winning, but your investment also increases. Your chance of winning per unit of investment does not increase by buying more tickets. Remember, every ticket you buy is also competing with your other tickets - you can only win once per game!”

I believe the conclusion is that you should buy as few tickets as possible, perhaps only one, depending on how patient you are, and instead increase the stakes for each ticket depending on your bankroll. There is no limitation to how many bingo sites you can open at the same time, so my best advice is to spread your tickets around more games and buy as few tickets as possible in each game.

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