Online bingo – in the comfort zone

One convenient difference between live bingo and online bingo is that you can choose to have your numbers marked off automatically thanks to a smart feature. Let’s call it the automatic number enrollment feature. The automatic number enrollment feature comes in handy more than once during a bingo session, e.g. when I want to light a cigarette or poor another glass of cherry brandy.

Convenient feature number two allows you to avoid yelling BINGO! all the time. Or, well, to be honest I love to yell BINGO! myself, it usually means clinking coins in the piggy bank, but it’s extremely annoying having to listen when everyone else yell it, especially from the heavy smokers with vocal cord strengtheners. Normally you yell BINGO! when you have completed all the numbers in a row (or similar). In online bingo rooms, BINGO is usually announced on the screen or by the host.

You can often choose whether you want to have the automatic number enrollment feature turned on or off. I can’t really see any reason to have it turned off, unless you want to work on your reaction skills which might be useful (but risky for a granny like me).

A third feature which increases the comfort of online bingo compared to live bingo, is the one where you can automatically have your bingo cards placed according to action. If you have two bingo cards where you are missing only one number, you can tick the card place organizer and see your action cards first. This increases the excitement – as if the rush of closing in on a jackpot wasn’t intoxicating enough.

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