Aces High and High Low

In Aces High, you either spin the shuffler or get presented with a starting card. You can then bet on whether the next card will be the same, lower or higher. The deuce (2) is lowest, and from there it’s counted normally up to king, while Ace is the highest card – hence Aces High.

You will get different odds for the different alternatives, depending on the likeliness. If you are looking at a 4, the odds of a lower card is higher than the odds of a higher card because there are only two possibilities for a lower card (3 and 2) as opposed to 10 possibilities of a high card (5 to Ace). 

The odds will always be higher if you bet that the shuffler will bring the same card twice (unless you have a King or a 3, in which case the odds of higher and lower would be the same or very close to it as you can only hit a 2 as a lower card and an Ace as higher card). It sounds complicated, I know, but it’s extremely easy when you get started.

Strategy hint: Play it safe. Bet on the most likely outcome. Cash in when the pot is big and you are looking at the difficult middle cards like 7-8-9. Think math, not destiny.

High Low is almost exactly the same as Aces High. The difference is that you can’t bet on “Same card”, and the card is removed or gives odds of 1.00 when you hit an Ace (which is now low) or a King (which is now the highest card).

The strategy hint is the same as with Aces High. Think math, unless you are a punk feeling extremely lucky, but I guess there aren’t many left of those. LOL!

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