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I learned how to count when I was just a handful years old. 70 years later I am extremely good at it, obviously. This is a skill which comes in handy not only with bingo, but also in number games.


Lotto or lottery is very similar to bingo, but while you are given a card with a set of pre-chosen numbers in bingo, you may choose your own numbers in lotto. I usually choose the numbers from my grandchildren’s birth dates. You will also choose number of tickets and the desired stake.

The winning numbers are announced on a regular basis. This can be every week, every month etc., and varies from room to room. The top payouts are massive, so I’m crossing toes and fingers here.

My tactical advice here is the same as for bingo: Don’t buy all the tickets at once, and spread your stakes around more games in order to have many shots at the jackpots.

Scratch cards

You buy a card and “scratch” it, revealing different symbols. You are usually looking to get three identical symbols, and if you succeed, you are rewarded with a prize. The higher the stakes – the higher the prizes.

In my opinion there are three advantages with online scratch cards compared to “live” scratch cards:

    1: A better payout percentage.
    2: It’s friendly to the environment.
    3: You avoid filling your house with dust from all the used scratch cards.


Keno is like bingo for people in a hurry. You choose your numbers just like in the lottery, but the numbers are drawn immediately. There are 80 numbers to choose from and 20 numbers are drawn. You get paid depending on how many of the 20 drawn numbers you had correctly chosen.

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