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If you want to take a closer look at the world of online bingo, we will gladly recommend our extensive bingo guide. Grizzly_Granny will guide you safely through the bingo jungle, everything in order to ensure a successful start to your online bingo career.

1. Getting started

First step is to create an account, which is quite self explanatory even if you were alive when World War 2 ended. It’s easy throughout the rooms, but I must say I particularly fancied the registration process at MariaBingo. You fill in your name, postal address, email address and phone number and you choose a password.

2. Finding the Bingo bonuses

Every day seems like Giro Day when you are looking for bingo bonuses. I don’t even have to jump onto my walker and stumble down to the social security office to collect. Best part, if everything goes according to plan, I can finally pimp my walker with this new anti-lock braking system.

3. Reading between the bonus lines

My mama told me told me that nothing comes for free, and if something seems too good be true, it’s probably not true. These carefully chosen words are not necessarily true for bingo bonuses. However, there are some things you should be aware of, also referred to as Terms and Conditions.

4. Making a deposit

I have a hard time saying no to free bonus money, so it’s time to make a deposit. But I can’t find any place on my computer where 100 euro notes are accepted. This is usually no problem with the one-armed bandits down at the shopping center. However, those machines are called bandits for a reason, and have a much lower payout percentage than the online slot machines. I will get back to this later, first things first.

5. Be nice to your grandma – learn the Bingo Lingo!

Many grandsons and granddaughters across the globe have probably turned slightly narcoleptic when their grandma hit retirement age. I’m not going to deny it, we like telling the same story more than once.

6. Grizzly_Granny’s Intensive Chat Room Etiquette Course. WTF? LOL!

In other news: Grizzly_Granny is worried. If it gets any better now I’m going to end up with no friends. I have to admit, I haven’t spoken too highly of my bingo companions throughout this blog, but at the end of the day they are the best thing I have and they know it.

7. How to get assistance

Nobody said it was easy. Oh, wait, I did. Well, playing bingo, games and casino online is easy, but know that you have options in case there are questions you want answered.

8. Testing the level of service

A high level of service is convenient, just in case. So we sent an email to some of the bingo rooms, to test their speed and accuracy. The email was sent just before 6 AM CET on a weekday. Here are the results.

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